Relicensing the Don Pedro Project

For more than half a century, the Don Pedro Project has served some of the most productive farmland in the world. With affordable, reliable irrigation water, the Project directly supports the vibrant agricultural sector that has evolved since the Districts’ formation, while also providing municipal and industrial water supply, flood control storage, recreation, clean power, and fish and wildlife conservation benefits. The result is a thriving central valley economic engine that supports over $4 billion in output, $735 million in labor income, and nearly 19,000 jobs annually.

Now that Don Pedro’s original 50-year license has expired, the Turlock and Modesto Irrigation Districts are in the process of securing a new license to ensure another 50 years of water security, environmental stewardship, recreational opportunities and economic prosperity for the communities of central California.

Don Pedro’s Reach

The Process

Approach to Stewardship

Balancing Interests

Behind the Science

2011 / February

Turlock and Modesto Irrigation Districts file Notice of Intent to relicense the Don Pedro Project. This begins the administrative process five years before the expiration of the original license.


TID & MID complete required studies related to renewal process. This research covers a range of issues, including the impact of water flows on the Tuolumne River, recreational opportunities and more.

2013 / November

Draft License Application filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. This is the first version of a plan for the Don Pedro Project and Tuolumne River, following input from the general public and numerous state and federal agencies.

2014 / April

Final License Application submitted. Adjustments are made to the Draft License Application to account for issues and concerns raised during the licensing process.

2017 / October

Amended License Application filed. This offers solutions for additional concerns and conditions from various state and federal agencies.

2017 / November

FERC accepts the filing of the Amended License Application. This opens a 60-day window for an environmental analysis and public comment period on any terms and conditions that may be required for license renewal.

2018 / January

Preliminary recommendations & comments filed. This begins a 45-day period for responses to those comments and recommendations.

2018 / May

All responses to the preliminary recommendations and comments are due. FERC will then take this information into consideration as it creates a Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

2018 / Fall

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement is expected to be complete. This will then begin another period for the public to comment on the findings and any conditions required by FERC for license renewal.

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