Originally created to help irrigate farms on the land between the Tuolumne, Merced and San Joaquin rivers, the Don Pedro Project impacts communities well beyond that small area. Today, it provides water, hydroelectricity, recreational opportunities, and flood control.

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A Widespread Impact

For more than half a century, the Don Pedro Project has provided water and electricity for thousands of customers creating jobs and opportunity in the region. But the benefits reach far beyond the local community.

The Project helps with flood control and fisheries downstream on the Tuolumne River and into the San Joaquin River. Crops are grown on farms irrigated by the Tuolumne River and are sold locally, across the United States and in other countries. It also plays an important role enabling the City and County of San Francisco to reliably meet the demands of its 2.6 million urban, industrial and domestic customers.

The relicensing of the Don Pedro Project is much more than a local issue – its impacts are global.

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