The Tuolumne River Management Plan balances the water and hydroelectric needs of the people and farms in the northern portion of the San Joaquin Valley with the impact it has on the surrounding area. It is the result of dozens of site-specific studies. This plan addresses the benefits and costs of numerous proposals from government agencies and other stakeholders.

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Creating the Best Overall Solutions

Providing a reliable source of water is just one of many components in the Tuolumne River Management Plan. Hydroelectric power generation, recreational opportunities, native fish populations, flood control and water quality are just a few elements affected by the Don Pedro Project. All affect one another and even small changes to benefit one aspect can create dramatic impacts on other elements.

Since the Don Pedro Dam was originally constructed in 1922, Turlock Irrigation District and Modesto Irrigation District have played an important role in protecting and balancing interests along the Tuolumne River and ensuring the protection of its unique role in California’s water system.

Through the Tuolumne River Management Plan, the Districts are focused on applying the best available science to factors within our control and watershed to provide solutions that benefit all stakeholders, customers and the greater community.

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